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ProFluent+ from Language Testing International (LTI) is the only remotely proctored, online language assessment offering the internationally recognized ACTFL credential. Now, you’ll know exactly how fluent your job candidates really are.

Save time and money. Streamline hiring with:


A remotely proctored assessment that multilingual candidates can take anytime, anywhere.


The language assessment for speaking proficiency that validates and quantifies language fluency claims.


The language assessment used to evaluate and credential over 1 million candidates worldwide.

Multilingual service adds value

What is ProFluent+?

Language Testing International now offers ProFluent+, which delivers the world’s leading language credentials through a unique testing platform, allowing candidates to test from anywhere, anytime.

Candidate(s) can easily schedule a remotely proctored OPIc at their convenience. During the test, candidates fill out a simple background survey and participate in a thirty minute virtual conversation. All responses are evaluated by an ACTFL Certified OPIc Rater and a credential is issued stating the result.

ProFluent+ is supported by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), the leading foreign language learning and testing organization. ACTFL’s tests are globally recognized by major corporations, academic institutions and government agencies.

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Multilingual service adds value

Build brand loyalty

What are the advantages of communicating with customers in their own language?

View the full infographic to learn more about:

  • The growing need for multilingual customer service
  • Building brand loyalty in target ethnic markets
  • Turning your customers into repeat purchasers

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Find out what users say

Learn what ProFluent+ test takers say and think about using ProFluent+

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  • What people thought of the testing experience
  • How test takers use their language credential
  • Who and why test takers used ProFluent+
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See ProFluent+ in action

Watch the video on how ProFluent+ helps validate your multilingual candidates, so you can make more informed hiring decisions. Learn more about this innovative language assessment and credentialing program from LTI—the trusted leader in language proficiency testing.

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ProFluent+ is an industry-changing solution


Proficiency drives results

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or a small to midsize company, your language assessment needs may be changing. Learn how the power of the plus—ProFluent+ from LTI—can empower your company’s performance with internationally recognized ACTFL credentialing.

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