The advantages of speaking to citizens in their own language

October 27
ACTFL,bilingual,Careers,Employment Trends,foreign language,Job Searches,Language,language testing,Multiculturalism Recognizing bilingual skills through language pay has become a standardized component of many federal government agencies practices, including the Departments of State, Defense and Homeland Security. These policies increase the ability of the organization to effectively serve its citizens, and they represent sound HR practices. As such, these policies have expanded into both the private…

Multilingual healthcare providers for a multilingual nation

October 8
ACTFL,Careers,Employment Trends,Job Searches,Language,Multiculturalism As the United States continues its rapid transformation from a monolingual, largely English-only society to a multi-lingual one with dozens – if not hundreds – if minority languages, service providers in both the public and private sectors have struggled to keep up with demand. While the recognition of the need for change exists on some…

Ensuring You Have the Multilingual Staff You Need

October 1
ACTFL,Careers,Employment Trends,Job Searches,Language,Multiculturalism With the growing demand for multilingual in today’s increasingly globalizing world, listing “fluency” in several languages on one’s resume has become a significant advantage for job seekers. What does it actually mean when someone says that they are fluent, though? How can companies be sure that the people they are hiring actually have the requisite…

Taking Education to the Next Level — Worldwide

September 2
ACTFL,Careers,Employment Trends,Job Searches,Language,Multiculturalism With the number of non-English speaking households in the United States continuing to grow exponentially, schools throughout the nation have witnessed a commensurate increase in the number of students attending English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Many school districts nationwide have struggled to accommodate the needs of children who often enter the educational system…

Hire more effectively through language testing

July 22
ACTFL,Careers,Employment Trends,Job Searches,Language,Multiculturalism It is imperative for a company or business to have some multilingual staff in place, if needed. In this day and age, many people around the world are becoming bilingual and/or multilingual as a way to communicate with multiple people, in different regions as well as countries. Here in the United States, the melting pot…