Certified Translator

Certified Translator

Do you want to make money using your language skills? You should become a certified translator and open the door to more money and new opportunities. Plus, there is a substantial amount of work for interpreters including court interpreting, medical translation and even work within the federal government. Certified translators are in high demand and needed in many different industries. Becoming certified means you are a better chance at being hired in one of these fields.

The American Translators Association is the U.S. organization that grants certifications. You take an examination and a speaking test to show that you have professional competence in that particular type of translation. There are certain prerequisites consisting of certain criteria of education. Once you have passed the exam you will be asked to sign a statement saying you will abide by the ATA’s Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices.

There are some important questions you should ask yourself before embarking on a new career. These questions include what languages do I want to interpret? What field or industry would be exciting that I want to work? Do I have the dedication and commitment to see the training through and become certified? Am I up for the challenge of being an interpreter? Is this a skill that I can make work for me?

Whether you choose to be a certified translator or an interpreter, Pro Fluent Plus has the training and classes you need to be proficient in your specialized field. You first need to decide on what type of interpretation on which you want to concentrate be it literary, information technology, medical or judicial. Then you have to decide which languages you want to utilize for your career. We offer over ten languages including Pashto, Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish.

Have you considered the job opportunities available to you once you are certified? You can work in the courts, immigration, embassies, adoption agencies, medical field, technology industry and so much more. You can travel and see the world. You can increase your earning potential with specializations. Translators and interpreters are in high demand and you can be one of the most sought after with the right training and certifications. Do not let the opportunity pass. Instead, become certified and take control of your future in an industry that you will enjoy due to its earning potential, special skill set and more.

You have the opportunity to start a new and rewarding career with your language skills. Whether you want to translate the written word or interpret the spoken word, we prepare you for your new career at Pro Fluent Plus. The possibilities are endless when you become a certified translator. Get started today and contact us for more information.