English Assessment Test

English Assessment Test

An English assessment test can let you know how well you speak, read, and write English especially if it is not your first language. Many people learn English as a second language as it is more widely spoken than most other languages. However, even if English is your primary language, then an assessment test can still be useful. If you want to know how strong your English skills are for the chance to become a certified translator or interpreter, then an assessment may be just what you need.

ProFluent+ offers a variety of assessment and proficiency tests in a multitude of languages. Whether you want to pursue a certification to become a translator or not, these tests give you a benchmark of where you stand. From there, you can make the decision to take classes to improve your language skills or to freshen up on some grammar basics. Once you have prepared yourself for testing, you can proceed to take the exams including the speaking test to become a certified interpreter.

Once you are certified, the career possibilities are endless. You can choose to work for the federal government, an embassy or your local court system. You can also choose a more specialized area of expertise such as medical and information technology translation or as an adoption agency interpreter and more. Some of these more specialized fields require an extra certification and training. However, the rewards are worth the extra time it takes to become certified in such a specialized area.

We teach and certify over ten languages including Russian, French, German and Spanish. Once you decide your languages of expertise, for example English and French, we give you an English and French assessment test. Then you are ready for the final exam prior to getting your certification. Our exams include both or all the languages you seek to translate and interpret. This lets us know that you are definitely ready to become a qualified and certified translator.

Are you ready for a new career? Do you have the language skills necessary to become a translator or interpreter? Is there a specific type of translation in which you are interested? Do you find language interesting? Do different cultures and countries intrigue you? If so, then becoming a translator or interpreter may be just what you need.

Contact ProFluent+ today to learn more about our company and language assessment products. Whether you speak one or multiple languages, we are here to help you get started in a new career. Start with our English assessment test and find out if interpretation and translation is in your future.