English Proficiency Test

An English proficiency test is absolutely vital to be able to verify that a person can speak the language you need them to. Language Testing International, which also provides a variety of other tests for language competency, such as writing, listening, etc, is certified by the ACTFL group to provide extensive speaking testing which will ensure and verify the subject’s ability level in the chosen language. ACTFL, which is the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language, is the go-to organization for establishing the baseline of language competency in terms of speaking, writing, reading, and so forth.

One element of any kind of speaking test is the ability to sound like a native speaker. Language Testing International provides for this by making sure to not only test the grammar and syntax of spoken language, but also the inflection, grammar, and phonetics. The IPA, known as the International Phonetics Association, has established a common list of phonemes across all languages that relate to the sounds each letter provides; due to inflection and pronunciation being central to mastery of a language, LTI makes sure that not only is the subject choosing the right words, they are speaking them correctly, as well.

Furthermore, part of a speaking test is the ability to demonstrate the correct level of both academic and conversational vocabulary. In terms of speaking, many people are able to speak in a conversational manner, allowing for many real-time and real life interactions which are not only effective, but meaningful. Academic discussion, however, involves word choice and sentence structure, even in spoken means, which are of a higher level of linguistic understanding. In order for someone to engage in academic, or incredibly professional and technical, discussion on any topic, they need to have a wider range of vocabulary, sentence construction, and comprehension.

Consider the benefits of having an employee who is not only fluent in their native language, but also in English? Many companies across the world require their employees to be able to speak English in order to interact with the English speaking world, the United States focused markets, and so forth. However, very few companies want to hire someone who is obviously foreign or whose mastery of the language is lacking – after all, when dealing with, and representing, your company, don’t you want to have someone who will do so in a professional, clear, and accurate manner?

No matter what line of business you are in, having someone who can speak English with a large degree of accuracy is vitally important. As such, Language Testing International provides the definitive English proficiency test for you.