Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Profluent+ test?

A: The ProFluent+ test is a unique method of testing that gives you the chance to show your speaking ability in a target language using questions that are related to your personal experiences. Before the exam begins, you take a brief background survey covering your level of ability and your interests, which allows us to create a customized test just for you.

In the test itself, an avatar asks you questions about your interests hobbies, daily life and other general subjects. You’ll use a headset and microphone to listen and respond to the questions. The test is not rated by computer - it is scored by a live team of ACTFL Certified testing experts.

The test assesses language learners and speakers at every level, as described in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

The test is also known as the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview by Computer, or OPIc.

Q: How do I take the test?

A: A few minutes before the scheduled time, log into your account at the ProFluent+ website, and click on ‘My Tests’. There, you’ll see a link to take your test. You’ll need to do a quick download to connect to the Proctor, who will make sure you have everything you need to take the test, check your ID and log you in to the test.

You will be able to ask the proctor for technical assistance, and will be monitored throughout the test. If something happens during the test, the proctor can help you through the situation. The proctor is also responsible for test security – if any suspicious activity is detected, the Proctor can either: a) step in to halt the test; or b) flag the test for review by ProFluent+, which will look at the video of the test to determine whether a rating can be issued. If a test is determined to be suspicious after review, you will be informed, and appropriate policies implemented.

Upon completion of the test, you will be logged out, and receive an on-screen notification that you have successfully completed the test. Credentials are provided in three business days, unless you selected Express Service, which guarantees your credential on the next business day.

Q: Who rates the tests?

A: Your test will be rated by a team of experienced ACTFL Certified Raters who have all taken an intensive training course and passed a tough certification process. They’ve shown that they can rate fairly, consistently and accurately. They have to re-certify every two years. The training and certification process is operated by ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

Q: What’s the turnaround time for results?

A: The standard turnaround time is three business days. For an extra $29, you can purchase Express Service, and your rating will be ready the following business day.

Q: How much is the test?

A: It costs $95.

Q: What languages is it available in?

A: You can test in Arabic, English, French, German, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Pashto, Persian Farsi, Russian and Spanish.

Q: How do you keep people from cheating?

A: You take the test through a secure website where a live proctor verifies your ID and monitors you via webcam.

Q: What do I need to take the test?

A: All you need is a government-issued photo ID (like a passport or driver’s license), a computer with internet access, a webcam, headset/speakers and a microphone.

Q: How do I schedule a test?

A: You view an online calendar on our website and choose the day and time you want to take your test. You can take it right now if you want, or schedule it for next week – whichever is most convenient for you.

Q: What if I can’t figure out how to take the test?

A: It’s really straightforward, but you can take a look on the website and get detailed instructions. Once you’ve ordered a test, you’ll be able to visit a ‘Prepare for your test’ page which will make sure you have everything you need to take the test.

Q: What if I want to take the test again to try and get a better score?

A: We recommend that you wait 25 days before trying again so that you have time to try and improve your proficiency level and reach a higher level on the test.

Q: Who’s going to recognize my ACTFL credential after I’ve taken the test?

A: Our credentials are the most widely accepted language credentials in the US. As of right now, they are used by more than 20% of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and government agencies. ACTFL credentials have been in use for over 20 years, demonstrating the proficiency of over 1,000,000 candidates worldwide.

Q: How many people have taken the test?

A: Over one million people have ACTFL credentials.

Q: How long is my rating good for?

A: Two years.

Q: What kind of credential will I get?

A: You’ll get a digital ACTFL Credential of Speaking Proficiency.

Q: Can I get a paper version of the credential?

A: Yes, you can get a paper version mailed to you for an extra $29. Just log in to your account and request one. You can also print the .pdf if you need to.

Q: How long does the test take?

A: The test takes between 20 and 40 minutes.

Q: When can I take the test?

A: You can schedule your test as soon as you order it, or schedule it for any time in the future.

Q: What if I order a test and change my mind?

A: As long as you cancel before your scheduled test, you’ll get a full refund. You can cancel it online (see ‘My Tests’) with a simple click, and your refund will post to the credit card you used within two weeks.

Q: What if I miss my test, or start late?

A: You can reschedule as many times as you want prior to the appointment, and cancel any time before the test. If you miss your test, you can reschedule it once. Contact us to get a coupon.

Q: Will my credential be recognized outside the US?

A: ACTFL credentials are recognized in over 50 different countries.

Q: What if I don’t agree with my rating?

A:We work very hard to give accurate, reliable ratings, but if you feel your rating is not accurate, you can have your test reviewed for $45. If, after review, a different score is issued, we’ll refund your $45 and give you an updated credential. Click here to challenge a rating.

Q: Are there are any courses or materials that will help me prepare for the test?

A: Since it’s a speaking proficiency test, the best way to prepare is to use speaking in the language you’re testing in as much as you can.

Q: How can I order tests for a group of people?

A: The best way to do that is to set up a Group Account – contact us, and we’ll help you through the process.

Q: Can I talk to people who’ve taken the test?

A: There are Facebook and Twitter accounts where you can see what people are saying about our tests – just look for ProFluentPlus.

Q: Can I have a copy of the recording of my test?

A: Unfortunately, no. All tests are kept by LTI and ACTFL and never disclosed to a third party.

Q: Will my rating be explained to me? How can I improve my score?

A: You can find more explanations about ratings and what they mean here. You can also see descriptions of all the other levels, which will help you understand your areas of strength and weakness.

Q: How will my employer know for sure that my credential is accurate?

A: Your credential has a unique code, which allows your employer to look up the number in our database right from our homepage.

Q: What if there’s a mistake on my credential?

A: Just get in touch with us through the Contact Us page, and we’ll fix it for you ASAP.

Q: How should I list this on my resume?

A: An ACTFL Proficiency Credential is highly regarded and should be posted on your resume under certifications, skills, or languages. For example, if you received a Superior rating for Spanish, it is recommended that you list it as “ProFluent+ Spanish Speaker- ACTFL Superior (Certificate No. XXXXX)”