Language Testing

Language Testing International is the best place for finding any kind of speaking test dealing with second language learning. There are many reasons why you might want to consider taking a linguistics test, such as taking a new job as an interpreter, needing to learn a second language for your business, or learning a language for the purpose of travel. In any case, having a valid and reliable test from LTI will give you the confidence and assurances you need to be able to effectively speak any secondary language.

One of the best reasons you might look for linguistics tests from LTI is in the case of taking a job as an interpreter. Having the credentials to show that you have passed the premier test can put you head and shoulders above the rest. Only LTI offers a speaking and language test which can provide the evidence that you have the skills to both speak both languages effectively, but also act as a translator. Unlike common perception, acting as an interpreter counts both in terms of being able to translate words, but also meanings in cases where certain words bear social connotations.

Additionally, there are many reasons to use linguistic testing as part of your company. Often, companies will offer additional money to employees who are able to speak two languages, especially in customer service situations. As a company owner, don’t you want to know that the employees who want more money can actually provide the skills for which you are paying them? With a speaking test from LTI, you can make sure that they have a fluent understanding of vocabulary, syntax, and so forth – up to, and including, the correct accent.

Finally, if you are looking to master a language yourself, having a test on how well you can speak that language can provide the confidence and assurance you need to feel like you have truly mastered your language. In order to speak a language correctly, you need to be able to understand not just conversational language, but academic language. Fluency is defined as being able to navigate a language on both the level of common, vernacular, words, as well as stronger and more academic ones. Furthermore, because each language has words which contain different meanings based on pronunciation, the LTI speaking test covers how accurate your accent, inflection, and tone of voice matches to the requirements of the language.

No matter what your specific need, LTI can provide the best speaking tests around. Endorsed by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language, LTI’s brand of language testing will make sure that you can speak any language with success.