Spanish Certification

Language Testing International provides the premier test for Spanish certification on the market. As an officially authorized language tester by the American Council for the Teaching for Foreign Language, LTI provides extensively researched and proven methods of assessment and certification. Speaking certification covers elements of second language education as well as mastery over the translations between both languages, and can be useful for a variety of companies, organizations, and people.

One of the ways in which a linguistic assessment could be relevant for companies is any situation which requires extra0national interactions. This could be as simple as offering a second language line on your customer service center to as complicated as having an intermediary who discusses business proposals with other companies in other countries. Being able to offer second language assistance can often make a company much more competitive in today’s job market; for example, many call center companies offer additional money per hour to employees who can speak two languages fluently. Prior to offering that money, however, most companies want to know for a fact that the second language can be spoken with proficiency.

Furthermore, a speaking language proficiency test measures the subject’s ability to fluently speak in both a conversational aspect as well as a professional one. Many people are able to speak conversationally, and indeed, do so fluently for all of their lives. Conversational language is measured as being able to actively engage in an exchange of ideas and thoughts, using day to day terms and common place vocabulary. This level of mastery is often represented by a High School diploma as well as some college time.

Academic language, however, is often represented by the idea of having completed college, if not having completed post graduate work. The idea of academic vocabulary is that it covers a wider range of words which can express a broader and deeper understanding of the content or images that the speaker wishes to convey. While a language’s vernacular often covers normal life issues, academic language deals with more technical or more specific scientific, history, or societal word choice.

Another consideration of second language mastery is the ability to manage social situations. Language, at its base, must operate on two levels; the first to convey an idea, and the second to indicate a relationship between the speaker and the listener. A skilled interpreter needs to be able to both convey the correct message as well as the correct relationship between both parties – be that in terms of command syntax, imperative syntax, or more formal and polite structure of words and phrases.

Language Testing International offers the best Spanish certification test available, hands down.