Speaking English

Speaking English

Speaking English has many rewards. Did you know that you can use your native language and another language to partake in important negotiations and effective communications? Becoming an interpreter or certified translator is an exciting and beneficial career. Not only do you get to use language to communicate but you get to work with a variety of people in many different fields including the FBI, businesses, court systems, medical settings, embassies and more.

Whether English is your native language or you know multiple languages, you can put them all to good use as a translator. Pro Fluent Plus offers you the easiest and fasted way to become a certified translator with a style of teaching that not only tests your ability to read and write in the languages of your choice but also allows you to perfect your communication style with a speaking test that highlights your capabilities with the spoken word. Pro Fluent Plus offers over ten languages in which to become certified including Pashto, Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish and more. We teach you and test you in both languages, working back and forth between your two chosen languages.

Becoming an interpreter is simple enough. First, you have to be fluent in at least two languages including writing, reading and speaking English. Broadening your horizons and studying the cultures of the languages is important. Once you have a firm grasp of the language and the culture, you can earn your certification through the U.S. State Department or other international or national organizations. This is helpful if you want to work in various states or with the federal government.

Becoming certified can give you credibility when approaching new clients or applying for new projects. You will have the ability to apply for highly competitive positions and for jobs that require specific designations or set levels of experience. Working as a translator can be a challenging and fulfilling career. You have to convert written or spoken words into other languages. You can also be responsible for being a spokesperson in negotiations, final judgements and agreements between parties. You could even work in a part of the federal government that allows you top security clearance and opportunity to travel abroad. The possibilities as an interpreter are endless.

You now have a choice to make. You can let your knowledge of languages work for you in an exciting and rewarding career. It is time you performed excellently in a career that you have always wanted with Pro Fluent Plus. Contact us today to learn more about our certified translator program and how you can put language to work for you. Get started today! Who knew speaking English could be so fulfilling and rewarding?