Spoken English

Spoken English

Are you interested in the spoken English language? Do you find linguistics interesting and how each language is different yet similar? Would you take pleasure in a job speaking and translating multiple languages? Do you have what it takes to be a translator or interpreter? Pro Fluent Plus is your choice for learning the trade and becoming a certified translator or interpreter.

We offer you the tools and techniques you need to speak a variety of languages and to use your language skills in some of the most interesting places. You can be a negotiator between countries who are seeking to make a deal, work at an embassy or work as part of a top security level type job where translators are most needed. There are also opportunities in boarder patrol, customs and more. The spoken word is helpful around the world in a variety of different settings and situations and you can be at the heart of it all with Pro Fluent Plus.

One of the techniques we use to teach is through spoken English. It is not so much about how well you can write and spell but more about how well you speak and how fluent you are in select languages. We even test your skills through a speaking test instead of just a written test. After all, being an interpreter is about how well you speak the languages and less about how well you can write in a particular language.

We offer a variety languages in our certified translator program including Spanish, French, Korean, Pashto and more. Whether you are native to the English language or to another, we are here to help you become proficient at not only translating out of your native language to another, but back again to ensure there is no loss of communication or lack of understanding between two parties.

Being a certified interpreter has many rewards. You can feel great knowing you helped two people or parties come to agreements, communicate effectively and build lasting relationships. You can work in many high sought after jobs both locally and globally. You could have the opportunity to travel the world and in some cases, you can gain high security clearance and be a part of some extremely important negotiations that could make history.

Are you run down and tired of your current job? Are you ready for a career change? It is time you decided to take control of your future and have a rewarding career. Learn the art of translation, negotiations and more with Pro Fluent Plus. Learn techniques and how to converse and communicate in many languages including the spoken English language. Become an interpreter today and start an exciting career!