For more than a decade we have scoured the country looking for good tests for interpreters and translators. So far, my organization will neither trust nor recommend any private organization but LTI.

Marjory A. Bancroft, MA

Director - Cross-Cultural Communications

Language is integral to 21st century citizenship, with vital effects on economic competitiveness, national security, and social justice. We test the language abilities of individuals - what they can DO with language, rather than what they know about language. This gives us a tremendous advantage in finding qualified individuals.

William P. Rivers, Ph.D.

Executive Director - Joint National Committee for Languages

To be able to say with accuracy what type of communication a person can hold in a language is key for learning and HR programs in international organizations.


Head of Language Programs - International Financial Institution

LTI’s language testing is the most widely recognized in the business – when the government asks for linguists, we go to LTI to verify their skills.

Terry Sharp

COO - Lexicon, Inc (recognized by Inc. magazine as the fourth fastest growing company in the nation)

Having language capabilities listed on your resume is an absolute necessity in today’s global work environment. ProFluent+ allows you prove those skills in a valid and reliable way with a credential that is recognized worldwide!

Marty Abbott

Executive Director, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

ACTFL tests provide the most reliable way to certify candidates for the US Government. In fact, some of our customers will only accept an ACTFL rating.

Bashar Haddad

VP of Operations, Group SSI