Translation Certification

Translation Certification

Are you seeking to become an interpreter? If so, translation certification is a must in today’s demanding job market. It is a good way to put your resume at the top of the pile when you are seeking employment. Employers look at various factors when considering job candidates such as education, past employment history, longevity and any rewards and certifications. You want the best chance possible when you apply for a job so being a certified translator is important if you seek a job using your language skills.

Pro Fluent Plus is your translation certification center. We offer you certifications in over ten languages. Whether you speak English, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Pashto or Arabic (MSA), we can test you to ensure you have a working knowledge of at least two languages and upon passing your speaking test, certify you to be a translator or interpreter for those specific languages. This will give you the leading edge against other job candidates.

Once you are certified, you can translate the written or spoken word in a variety of fields. Many times, people seek to be translators in the courts or judicial system. Other times, people seek to work within the federal government at an embassy or in international relations. However, there are more jobs available that are less known such as within the medical, information technology and child adoption industries. Some of these industries take a special translation certification in addition to the regular certification. We are able to accommodate your needs in a special class or field of translation.

We seek to provide you top notch service and training to become a certified translator. At Pro Fluent Plus, we offer the tools and training necessary to be proficient in your choice of languages. Not only do we test your oral skills, but we also test your reading and writing skills in both of the languages you choose. We want to ensure that you have an in depth knowledge of the languages and that you can easily translate back and forth between the two.

Pro Fluent Plus is a young, but fast growing company who offers certification for interpreters and translators. The field of interpretation is very demanding and there are but a few people who are extremely proficient at translating the written or spoken word. You can be one of the few! Are you ready to use your language skills in a new career? Are you wanting to better yourself and enjoy your job? If so, then becoming an interpreter is right for you! We look forward to helping you gain your certification in the languages of your choice. Contact Pro Fluent Plus today to learn more and get started towards your translation certification.