Why Get a Credential?

More Than Just a Credential — it is a Passport to Your Future.

Why Get a Credential?

When more than 50% of companies take language skills into account when recruiting, the better question is why not?!?

  • Stand out to Employers - With a valid credential, you separate yourself from the crowd and increase your odds of landing the job!
  • Increased Opportunities - Apply to positions seeking bilingual speakers and use your language credential to you competitive advantage.

ProFluent+ is an easy and new way to prove how well you speak a certain language right in the comfort of your own home. ProFluent+ helps you stand out from other job applicants and from your colleagues by providing a valid credential from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), the leading foreign language learning and testing organization. ACTFL credentials are globally recognized by major corporations, academic institutions and government agencies. So why wait? Use ProFluent+ and officially prove your language skills today.

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